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Sylvia M.

I had such a wonderful experience with Deck
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I highly recommend Birmingham Deck Builders to
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Nathan W.

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Your one-stop Deck Builders in Birmingham AL

We at Birmingham Decks are your local experts in building custom decks for your home or business. With our comprehensive deck-building services, you don’t have to worry about anything else. It is always recommended to consider our Birmingham Deck Builders for quality deck construction that is professional and specialized. If you seek a deck builder in Birmingham, AL, we are the first choice among many other companies. Our specialty is to provide quality deck building services, deck maintenance, deck repairs, porch and patio construction, and any other project that has to do with decks. By availing of our decking services, including the complete design, construction, and installation of all types of decks, your deck, and other resources are in skillful hands from the beginning!

The good news is that with the assistance of the best deck builders in Birmingham, you can quickly get a custom-designed deck that matches your needs and desires in the best possible way. It doesn’t matter if it is an outdoor deck or an indoor deck; we can construct any type of deck for any indoor or outdoor space in your home or business. In the current market, Birmingham home additions are becoming more and more popular. Because of this, you have a much less likely chance of being left out of the market. Furthermore, a home addition will allow you to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable area in your backyard or even on your roof. All you have to do is call Birmingham Deck Builders if you wish to transform your property into an outdoor living oasis!

How are Birmingham Decks better than other decking companies when it comes to deck building for you?

Are you looking for a relaxing place to enjoy your time? Do you seem to be getting tired of being cooped up in your own home? Are you bored of staying all the time indoors? You need to hire a contractor if you want to create a spacious outdoor living space in your Birmingham home where you can cool off and enjoy your favorite beverage. If you hire a deck builder to create a new deck in Birmingham, AL, all of these can be reached. There is no denying that over a couple of years, the popularity of decks has increased dramatically. One of the most effective ways to utilized unused land or spaces on your property is to build a different deck off your home. 


You can choose many designs from our Deck installation services, such as colors, materials, and more. The decks will be designed according to your specifications, keeping in mind your preferences without compromising strength or quality.

Additionally, we provide deck repair services if you already have a deck in your home. The good news is that Birmingham Decks can repair or maintain a deck and build a new one for you. With extensive knowledge of deck repairs, including porch decks, rooftop decks, and patio decks. It makes sense to hire deck companies, such as Birmingham decks, since decks are subject to harsh weather conditions, just like other exterior home improvements. When it comes to deck construction, it is always better to prevent problems than to deal with them when they arise, so if you find some defects on your patio, you should fix those immediately rather than wait until they break and have to be replaced.

Designing outstanding decks for Birmingham is one area Birmingham Decks’ team excels at. Our deck design services are focused on detail, and we leave no room for errors. When you communicate what you want with our deck builders, we can visualize how your deck will shape once you give us your ideas. Quality is always our top priority. As a result, your home will have improved comfort, and its value will increase.


During our job, any issues that come up will be dealt with, ensuring everything goes well. Having provided deck works in Birmingham, AL, we know the experience we have gained will enable us to give you the best possible outcomes for quite some time now. We are providing top-quality products for all our deckbuilding projects, including patios, porches, and decks.


Whenever it comes to your projects, Birmingham Decks and its skilled workers will give their utmost effort. Providing our portfolio is always available to you since we are a transparent company. 

Our company can send some of its workers to your site to conduct onsite consultations when you want to avail our services. To provide you with an efficient service, we will gather all the information we need. All the potential circumstances that might occur during the job will be included in the data to develop the plan accordingly. As part of building a deck, we will measure all the necessary measurements and take into account the topography of the area and advise you on how to choose possible designs and materials to use.

We at Birmingham Deck Builders have been building a network of relationships with decking materials providers so that we can provide the best materials for your deck. With our years of experience in the decking industry and our partnerships with leading deck material manufacturers, we can offer decking materials you will find advantageous. In addition to low-maintenance decking, we can also provide low-maintenance products that meet Alabama decking regulations.

We, as Shreveport Masons, can attest to the many benefits that Masonry constructions provide, and that is why we have established our business. Furthermore, stone and masonry works are maintenance-free and long-lasting. Thus, in addition to adding beauty, strength, and value to your home, they save you a lot of hassle, such as time and money, since they are relatively long-lasting and rarely need to be replaced.

Our excellent service will guarantee that Shreveport Masonry will meet and exceed your expectations at a reasonable price. Moreover, we offer a high-quality service at an affordable price. Likewise, as we carry out our task, we will ensure that there will be no future problems due to how we perform our assignment. You might be interested in the beginning learning more about how masonry materials, such as natural stone, bricks, and concrete, can help you save time and money on your building projects. If you are unsure about how to proceed, you can click the link on the particular service page that you need.

Picture of a local deck builder of Birmingham decks constructing a deck, picture taken at Birmingham AL.

Our Advantages

Quick Response

We never leave you on read! Our company is eager to answer your call and start building the deck of your dreams.


Professional Service

Our contractors are the best in the business. They are fully licensed and insured to make sure you receive the best.


Quality Guarantee

We guarantee you will be pleased with our work. We will not stop until you are 100% happy with the final product.


Huge Inventory

We have connections to the best materials out there!


About Us

You should hire the company we run for the most beautiful decks in Birmingham, as we are the best deck builders in the area. As we begin creating your deck, we will ensure that you are guided every step of the way until our team has built the deck. Then, with our expertise in decking, you are sure to make the right choice for the deck that would best serve your needs.

Picture of a modern designed deck with brown color, picture taken at Birmingham AL.

Birmingham Deck Contractors with professional and affordable services

As a deck-builder, we provide excellent craftsmanship and service that we strive to deliver to you each step of the way. In addition to deck finishing, we can make custom outdoor kitchens and handle any customization needs you may have, as well as install patio decks, repair decks, and maintain your decks.

Throughout our career, we have provided complete satisfaction to our clients with all the projects we’ve undertaken. It has never occurred to us to do back jobs on our projects, and clients consistently give us positive feedback on our work. Moreover, clients often refer us to their friends. Regardless of whether the project is for a residential or commercial outdoor space, we always give the best service to our clients, which is why we have recurring clients. 

Deck Builders Birmingham provides you with the best service; we only hire the best! For years, as a deck builder, we have nurtured and held onto our staff to be the best workers. As a result of our commitment to employee well-being, we can also provide quality results to our clients. Our quality service and attention to our clients have earned a prestigious reputation in the decking industry.

Process for manufacturing Birmingham Decks:

Design Phase

Designing your decks is something we will help you with. We intend to achieve the best possible design for your decks through a thorough conversation. Our goal is to create an outdoor living area on your comfortable and functional property, combining your ideas with our extensive deck construction knowledge. Listed here is what we do at Deck Builders Birmingham to make your projects more functional and beautiful.

  • Consideration of schematics and generation of ideas
  • Conceptualization and design
  • Documentation, structure, and technical specifications
  • A detailed breakdown of the costs, such as budget analysis and a competitive bidding
  • Manage the project from start to finish
Picture of wooden boards that are use in building beautiful decks, picture taken at Birmingham AL
Birmingham Decks
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Birmingham Decks
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Birmingham Decks
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Picture of a beautiful home deck with pink flowers on the sides, picture taken at Birmingham AL.

Phase of construction

Once the deck construction project has been planned and designed, it will then be built. We take the following steps in conducting all of our deck building projects at Birmingham Decks:

  • The site must be prepared
  • Framing the Structure
  • Trims and finishes
  • Finished the walkthrough

It is our company’s mission to provide our services to all Birmingham residents who inquire about them. With our Birmingham deck building company, you will receive the best customer care and craftsmanship. Local deck builders, like us, are constantly striving for perfection. The work we do is never about compliance but rather about excellence. Our Deck Builders offer extensive information regarding the services we offer. You can always ask about these services from our customer service representatives. New Paragraph

We build a variety of deck types at Birmingham Decks.

Platform decks

Decks of this type are commonly found on flat surfaces. These decks are built closer to the ground and are best suited to flat terrain.

Raised decks

These decks are typically raised, and they usually have railings and other safety measures. 

A two-story deck

It should integrate both the lower and upper stories of the house. It creates a dynamic look for the home and presents some design challenges. 

Multi-level decks

These flowing designs suit uneven terrain and conform to natural contours, inviting passage from the house to the yard.

Our licensed deck builders Birmingham al also offer screened-in porches, so if you prefer that over a Birmingham deck, we can assist you with that as well. We can restore your deck’s beauty even if it is aging, cracked, or otherwise unattractive.

Picture of a construction of a raised deck in Birmingham AL.
Local Deck Building Contractors- Birmingham, Alabama