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Birmingham’s Highland Park neighborhood is one of the oldest in the city. Birmingham’s Elyton Land Company initially developed this area as a suburb, about two miles south of the city’s central business district, making it one of the city’s most prosperous and diverse neighborhoods. Modern condominiums and office buildings coexist with homes from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There is a steady stream of developments in the neighborhood.

There are a number of historic urban parks in Highland Park, including Underwood Park, Rhodes Park, Caldwell Park, and Rushton Park. Originally, Highland Park was an outside suburb of Birmingham; Highland Avenue, the main boulevard, runs along the foothills of Red Mountain. Nearly all of the curving, broad corridor is level, making it among the most scenic and pleasant in the city. From Highland Avenue into downtown Birmingham, street cars ran in both directions prior to the 1930s. The historic Highland Park Golf Course, also known as Boswell Park in honor of the famous blind golfer Charley Boswell, is the oldest golf course in Alabama and the site of many of Robert “Bobby” Jones’ earliest victories, and is located at the eastern end of Highland Avenue.

Several historic churches and turn of the century homes are found in the neighborhood, and it borders Five Points South, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the Lakeview Entertainment District, which includes some of Birmingham’s best restaurants and nightlife. Birmingham’s historic Forest Park neighborhood of stately homes is to the east, while Red Mountain, atop which sits the Redmont neighborhood, once the residence of Birmingham’s wealthiest industrialists, is to the south.

At Highlands Park, AL, you can do a variety of things
The best of urban living can be found in Highland Park. You can find something for everyone here, with three parks, sidewalks throughout, Highland Park Tennis Center to the east, several churches, the Virginia Samford Theater, Rojo, O’Henry’s Coffee and Tea, EATS Highland, Episcopal Place, Greenbriar at the Altamont, and numerous other businesses. It offers world-class restaurants, bars, parks, museums, galleries, and shops in Five Points South, Lakeview, Forest Park, Avondale, Downtown, Uptown, Parkside, Redmont Park, and English Village.

In Highland Park, AL, you can enjoy some of the following activities.

Caldwell Park is a good place to hang out
Visit nearby Caldwell Park for some sunshine and fresh air during a midday break. There is plenty to do in Highland Park making it easy to access Highland Towers, an apartment that can be reached within five minutes by foot. There is nothing better than a quick run, stroll or even just a change of scenery at Caldwell Park.

EATS Highland in Highland Park is the perfect spot to share a meal with friends
While walking through Highland Park, you should stop at Eats Highland. EATS Highland’s delicious Southern-fusion dishes, including Cuban sandwiches and classic fried green tomatoes, are created by Chef Wendy Cruse. It is the perfect place for lunch with friends and has a great menu.

Bottega is the place to go for dinner
After a day at Highland Park, are you looking for something a little more upscale to eat? Well then, Bottega is the place to go. At Bottega, you will find a selection of food that combines classic Italian flavors with southern flavors.

Highland Towers is the perfect home in Highland Park
Highland Towers, which sits on a prominent spot in Highland Park, is the first landmark you will see as you enter the neighborhood. This building was constructed in 1947 and opened its doors in 1951. Even today, its residents enjoy its mid-century modern style. It’s a short drive (or leisurely walk) to downtown Birmingham, and there are lots of great eateries and entertainment options within walking distance. Furthermore, it offers spectacular views of Highland Park, the downtown area, and Red Mountain. What person wouldn’t want to stay in such a beautiful setting?

Freddy’s Wine Bar is a great place to spend an evening
Just a short walk from Highland Towers, enjoy a drink. The building where your new apartment is located has a wine bar. What’s not to like? Many residents of Highland Towers visit Freddy’s Wine Bar for after-work drinks (and some even drink coffee and work there in the mornings before opening) on the patio outside.

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