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Birmingham Decks can design, repair, and construct a beautiful deck addition
for your home if you want to have a wooden deck or a composite deck. We're
experts at working with both materials and can work with our customers to
develop the fitting deck addition for their homes.

Birmingham Decks' Installation Services

Have you considered constructing a new deck on your house? If you are planning to improve the look of your home, let Birmingham Decks help you. The Birmingham deck builders on our team are among the best in the Birmingham area. We offer free estimates on the construction cost, and you can contact us today for a free quote.

In case you are thinking about adding a unique outdoor gathering space to your living space. An installation of a deck could be the perfect solution in this case. Decks that can be completely customized are the ideal addition to your home, allowing you to get together with your friends and family while also enjoying the outdoors. The deck will be the highlight of your yard. We will work closely with you to turn your plans into a reality and turn your deck into a great place to relax!

As part of our business’s comprehensive decking services, we offer expertly made patios and decks for your home that are uniquely yours. We already have the skills needed to install decks, so we are already proficient in this area. Hire us for your deck installation or wood deck construction project. We can work with various high-quality materials, and we have unlimited options for how to construct your beautiful deck or patio for your home. We have a proven record of giving customers an excellent addition to your home’s aesthetics, as well as impressing you, your family, and guests with the quality and beauty of your deck.

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Picture of a deck installer laying wooden decks on an ongoing deck installation in Birmingham AL.

Wood and composite decking construction custom tailored

We will help you design, install, and maintain precisely the deck that you have envisioned in your minds regarding its design and placement in your home. As one of the best deck installers around, we will work with you to fit your vision. Numerous attributes present in our company would make it the perfect place to assist you with your customized decking project. Our company has been providing Birmingham, Alabama residents with customized decks for a very long time. As a team, we are proud to say that we are the best at all aspects of deck service, such as pergola installation, repairs, restorations, and outdoor kitchen installation, and fence installation and repair. If you don’t know what you are doing, you are bound to have a tough time installing your deck because it’s a complex process. That is the reason why you should not try to build your deck on your own and instead leave it to the deck-building experts at Birmingham Decks, who are talented and sophisticated to do it for you.

Wood Decks
You can add value to your property quickly and inexpensively by adding a wood deck. Whether you plan to sell your home or not, a wood deck will surely add value to your home and provide great outdoor entertainment!

Composite Decks
Do you want to install a composite deck? As such, if you would like your deck built from the best composite material, we at Birmingham Decks work closely with some of the best material manufacturers in the decking industry to ensure you get the best results.

Innovative Deck Installation Birmingham Techniques

It is time to say goodbye to the wood decks of yesterday. Modern outdoor living areas allow you to enjoy your backyard in much more ways than ever before. Consequently, it is obvious to say that you will need to hire much more than simply a local deck contractor to build a high-quality deck for your backyard. Many deck builders are still using construction methods that have been around for several decades. Although sophisticated homeowners know that decks from the past are outdated, they are not willing to rely on obsolete materials or build a deck according to the old-fashioned methods. For a custom, innovative deck with the same level of detail, complexity, functionality, and aesthetics as the home’s interior, a team of deck installation contractors with the highest level of training is essential. The deck will then be constructed and finished according to the clients’ specifications. Using a professional designer and architect is the best way to get the results you want. Deck installers must use high-quality materials and processes that can withstand Mother Nature’s elements and last for many years to come. Based on these criteria, Birmingham Decks defines itself and its operations to meet clients’ needs. We go with extra steps to make sure that our clients receive a product that will be enjoyed for a long time to come. 

Picture of nails and wooden boards for deck construction, picture taken at Birmingham AL
Picture of a deck installation contractor constructing a wooden deck in Birmingham AL.

Birmingham Deck Installation By Professional Builders Near you!

Your backyard can be made more comfortable by building a new deck. To create a space that you can enjoy for a long time, you should make sure the work meets the quality standards and results you need. To receive the results you desire, it’s wise to get in touch with Birmingham Decks today. If you purchase a home, take advantage of the square footage as best you can. It applies to your yard as well. You’ll be able to enjoy outdoor living with a customized deck built by our deck builders in Birmingham, AL – no matter what the size of your property is, there isn’t any reason to be shut up indoors all day. The best part about it is that you can have fun while simultaneously increasing the value of your home.

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