Deck Maintenance

With Birmingham Decks, we offer a full range of deck maintenance and
management services. Please get in touch with us if you would like any
assistance in connection with your decking. Providing you with a
comprehensive range of decking solutions for maintenance, restoration, and
refinishing, our company is the one to call. At an affordable price, you can
depend on us for prompt, reliable service.

Birmingham Decks provides deck maintenance services!

  • Thorough cleaning and power washing
  • Performing repairs and restorations
  • Painting services
  • Staining services
  • Sealing services

Power washing and cleaning services for decks 
Power washing and cleaning your deck is the best way to clean it efficiently. It is certainly possible to make a DIY approach to cleaning your patio with a power washer, but we discourage it. When you tend your decks without adequately assessing their condition, you can cause more severe issues. In the end, you might lose more money and time instead of saving any money during the process. Getting the services of a professional deck maintenance and repair contractor is highly recommended since it will save you a lot of time and hassle. 

Deck Repair Services
If your deck is damaged, our Birmingham deck repair contractors can fix it. It doesn’t matter the problem; we can handle wood rot, decay, rotted fences or stairs, aging, or weak posts for you!

Restoration of decks
There may come a time when you should replace your Deck Framing Birmingham if it is structurally unsound. Thus, it is highly recommended that you perform regular deck maintenance on your deck. We will make sure your deck is completely refurbished after restoration so that it will be back to its original glory. Our deck repair and restoration services could make it possible for you to do that.

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Picture of a brush being used on a rustic wooden deck, picture taken at Birmingham AL

Deck Staining Birmingham al

Choosing Birmingham Decks means having your decks taken care of. Both deck staining and deck painting in Birmingham, AL, will prolong the life and appearance of your deck. We can prep, wash, and stain any deck, no matter how old it is. So an inexpensive way to get both a beautiful deck finish and slow down the aging process is to stain or paint the deck. 

We have protected Birmingham, AL decks against rot and weather for years as a deck maintenance and repair company. Here are some of the advantages of availing services of a Birmingham deck cleaning and staining business:

Freshen up your decks
The sight of a deck that is faded and chipped is not pleasing to homeowners. Unfortunately, a deck’s stain is susceptible to fading very quickly in harsh climates, temperatures, and sunlight. A new coating of color on your deck will make your back porch look new after our team of deck staining professionals in Birmingham has given it a makeover.

Durable decks
The aging process of your deck can be slowed down if you stain it regularly. If stained well, decks can last a lifetime without rotting, warping, crumbling, or looking discolored. Our stained decks last for years because we use the suitable materials and equipment.


If you have noticed any minor flaws or issues with your deck or dirt has accumulated on it, it is probably time to finish, paint, stain, or power wash your deck. For questions or concerns you might have regarding Birmingham Decks and our crew, please don’t hesitate to contact us. However, do not risk spending more time and money than you would have desired and were you to hire a professional deck care provider, as it might end up costing you more than what you would have paid for someone to do the job.

Located in the greater Birmingham area, Birmingham Decks has proudly provided our services for many years. Our Deck services company has been in the business for years now and has exceeded the expectations of our clients several times. In addition to the tools and equipment we use, our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to effectively handle a deck construction, restoration, or repair project.

Picture of a person brushing a wooden deck with paint to restore it, picture taken at Birmingham AL.
Picture of a deck being brushed with paint in order to maintain it, picture taken at Birmingham Al.

You Can Trust Birmingham Decks!

The construction of decks is a specialized craft that is best suited to professional decking contractors. To remain valuable and beautiful for a long time, it needs to go through regular maintenance and repair as with other crafts. Besides being made of wood, a deck can also be made of composite material. Among both decks, wooden decks are more difficult to maintain and require more upkeep than plastic decks. As a general principle, preventive measures are always better than curative measures. As such, maintenance of your wooden deck would allow you to enjoy it for a much more extended period.

Maintaining your deck in a way that suits your individual needs
Each property is unique and requires an individual maintenance plan. Therefore, we create custom maintenance plans for each property based on its unique needs. Custom maintenance plans can be configured based on service type, frequency, and other variables. For example, some decks and fences are situated in sunlight-exposed areas, while others are situated in shaded locations. A deck or fence should be resealed every two years, and the house should be washed once a year. The goal of our plan is to help you maximize and maintain the value of your home in the future so you avoid costly home repairs.

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