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With every repair project that Birmingham Decks undertakes, we are
concerned with the utmost care. To attain this, we strive to provide our
customers with quality services at low prices, the foremost priority of customer
satisfaction. In addition, our deck repair services, when needed, ensure a
longer life span for your deck and deliver a more durable deck that can endure
everyday wear and tear.

Reliable, cost-effective, and reliable deck repairs in Birmingham

The development of a deck is a trend that is currently very popular among homeowners. Homeowners can use the additional outdoor space provided by these structures to enjoy summer afternoons outdoors and entertain guests. Nevertheless, major weather factors affect the decks of the buildings. These conditions can significantly damage a deck, causing its appearance and structural integrity to deteriorate. In light of this, our company employs deck contractors with years of experience and is well trained in inspecting and repairing decks of every kind, including outdoor kitchens

Birmingham Decks is a leading deck company that can handle all types of decking problems, large or small. Our deck contractors are committed to providing quality services that fulfill your needs regardless of the circumstances, no matter what part you are in the process. Our experienced deck repair contractors cannot handle any type of deck repairs with the proper equipment and expertise to handle. We specialize in offering professional services to each customer with exceptional craftsmanship, and we take pride in providing our clients with quality artistry. The deck contractors who work for us will be passionate about your project and, if you hire them, they will get to work until the job is completed and satisfied with the results. We prefer not to jump from one position to another because we like to give each of them our full attention.


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Picture of a red wooden deck that is damaged and needs to be repaired, picture taken at Birmingham AL

Providing the best deck repair services in Birmingham, AL

In addition to serving as an outdoor entertainment area, the deck or patio serves as a place for outdoor relaxation. You might not be able to maintain your deck or patio as well as you would like, even when you sweep and clean them regularly. The constant exposure to the elements may cause your outdoor area to deteriorate quickly. Our professionals can handle all of your home improvement needs, including maintenance, construction, and repairs. What are the problems with your deck or patio? Is the wood splintering or has water damage? It’s nothing to worry about! Birmingham Decks is handling the project. We offer quick and efficient construction services to update your outside living area so you can enjoy it more. Our experts provide a wide range of deck services, including deck board replacement, railing replacement, and brick and stone replacement, among others. There will undoubtedly be issues with the structural integrity of your patio or deck, and we will take care of them. It is essential to remember that minor deck repairs are often required when a deck is custom-built. 

Deck Repair Birmingham - Professional Decking Services

Repair and restoration of decks

If the damage to the deck boards is widespread, you may need to replace several of them. Sometimes, removing a small portion of the wood may be necessary to fill any gaps between the wood and the new wood. It is not uncommon for deck repairs to be labor-intensive and time-consuming for homeowners, no matter how minor or significant the repairs. Birmingham Decks’ expert craftsmen can provide expert repair services at an affordable cost when the deck needs to be fixed. Additionally, our crew is also capable of building and repairing decks as well as restoring them.

Picture of a deck builder using a drill in installing a wooden railing for a deck, picture taken at Birmingham AL
Picture of a broken deck that needs to be replaced, picture taken at Birmingham AL.

In addition to general deck repairs, we are also able to provide the following:

The refinishing process 
A professional refinishing of your deck surface can be performed if you have an older wooden deck that needs a change of scenery. As a result, your wooden deck will be restored to an excellent new appearance after doing this.

Fixing or updating your deck railings 
Providing a railing for your deck can help assure your safety and the safety of your guests against the possibility of falls. Our company offers a wide range of railing styles and options for those who want to replace or repair their deck railings that have become unsafe.

 Providing repair services for deck foundations or structures 
We can repair your deck’s foundation if it has been badly damaged. Whether you need assistance with improving your deck structure or something that needs to be done, our team of deck repair specialists can tell you what needs to be done.

 The process of re-decking 
As one of the most reliable forms of deck repair, re-decking means removing the old deck surface and restoring it with a new one. There are various types of decking materials you can choose from when re-decking, such as PVC or composite boards.

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