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Patios are a beautiful way to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your landscape. They are available through Birmingham Installers. We offer a wide assortment of patio designs for your home or business that will inspire you to leave a lasting impression. Birmingham patios can be customized to your residential and commercial needs and become a fantastic outdoor living hub. A combination of modern and classically inspired designs is what our team can do to create a home that fits your style. We build numerous patios and walkways in our vast range of styles, so you are sure to find them regardless of what you are looking for.

It is no longer a problem for homeowners and businesses to rely on our services in the Birmingham area. We make sure that our customers are fully informed of all the benefits we provide with our custom patios Birmingham al services. In addition, we will use the expertise of our team to assist you in getting the perfect design for your requirements and budget so you can achieve the optimal result.

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A picture of an outdoor patio in Birmingham AL that has a comfortable living room set.

Birmingham Residential Patios and Walkways

We are prepared to assist you, whatever kind of property you own on the market in Birmingham, Alabama, with finding a perfect solution for your patio installation Birmingham AL needs. When it comes to installing a patio, there are many options available to you. The concrete, wood, and paver options are all common choices, but there are many other options. 

Also, you can add elements such as a fire feature, a water feature, an outdoor kitchen, pergolas, and your outdoor living area in addition to this. Furthermore, we can design custom BBQs that will make grilling a breeze for you and your family without any problems at all. Please take a moment to reflect on how nice it would be to sit around on the newly installed patio with family and friends while the sun sets and enjoy some good food and enjoying the presence of those around you. Having that feeling is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying feelings a person can have. In addition, there are options to install a paved pathway from the entryway to the garage, and you may also install sidewalks and driveways all-around your property.

Commercial Patios and Walkways in Birmingham AL

Birmingham Decks can help you design and build any outdoor space you may need and create an outdoor patio for your restaurant or welcome clients into your office. Several patio designs are available for you to choose from, so whether you are setting up a concrete patio, a paver patio, or a contemporary patio, you can select the design that best suits your needs. Contact us a call to set up a time to meet with you to discuss how you intend to use it and your needs. As soon as you obtain a patio design from us, we will begin its installation for you, after which you will receive a warranty for it. Moreover, by installing high-quality walkways, we can mark the pathway so that people know what to expect on their journey in the direction you want to direct them.


Designs for Modern Patios

Suppose you would like concrete or wooden patio on your property. In that case, Birmingham Decks will construct, install, design, or repair it to provide you with a beautiful addition to your property. As skilled workers in both areas, we can install, construct, design, repair, or modify a beautiful patio addition that uses either material.

Wooden Patio
It is a common fact that wood is used for the majority of home improvement projects. The fact that we offer this kind of service is due to it being one of the most popular materials we offer. Buildings traditionally were constructed from wood due to the ease of maintaining and repairing them. If you would like to install a wooden patio in your home, you should not worry as our company can always assist you.

Concrete Patio Decks
Various factors make concrete an excellent material for constructing patios and backyards, including that it can be easily sealed. You might have been under the impression that concrete is a soft material. It is surprising how many options concrete has now, thanks to several innovations made by builders, as concrete has gained many design options. For example, Birmingham Decks offers concrete patio contractors a variety of concrete patio designs to choose from. To get the work done, we have the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment.

Veneers made from natural stone

Natural stone veneers, as their name implies, are made from natural stone quarried on the ground. Veneers are made by slicing big pieces of rock into thin profiles. Centuries-old formations of the stone cause variations in tints and textures of natural stone veneers. A natural stone veneer cannot be compromised in terms of authenticity. The wall will not be found anywhere else in the world precisely as it is. The authenticity and originality that natural stone veneers provide cannot be competed with by manufactured stone veneers.

Picture of a patio that is still in the process of constructing, picture taken at Birmingham AL.
Picture of a group of friends chilling in a home patio, picture taken at Birmingham AL

Affordable Outdoor Space Designer

People who live or own residential or commercial properties in Birmingham, Alabama, will spend lots of time outdoors during the summer and spring. A patio is an outdoor living space you can have at home, so you needn’t travel far to enjoy time outdoors. Our company can help you make the most of your outdoor living spaces by patio installation Birmingham AL ,  installation of decks, porches, outdoor kitchens, and other features. Due to our extensive custom patio solutions, we are the best patio contractor in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our patio services are all you need in one place. We offer a wide range of restoration, repair, maintenance, and construction services outside of just building new patios. We can save you more money and time by restoring your existing patio instead of replacing it. We at Birmingham Decks are the best in the business when it comes to patio services! Get a free quote from us now!

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