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Whether you desire a pergola to be built for your patio, your home, or simply
for your imagination, our pergola builders in Birmingham can help you achieve
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Professional Birmingham Pergola Builders

The fact is that you never know when you will have to organize a party or any other special event, such as a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party for someone. Undoubtedly, these events will be a lot of fun and will surely be a fun time for everyone who attends. A pergola can play a significant role in giving you a big advantage in things like this. A professional can help you with any project related to a small patio pergola or a larger one, so it is recommended that you get their assistance. We at Birmingham Decks have a team of professional pergola builders who take on the most challenging jobs with ease. Birmingham Decks is a company that will always be able to provide you with the best service. The best pergola construction will be achieved if you ensure that you do not compromise on quality.

The materials

Many different materials can be used for pergolas. You can count on the sun and moisture in the Birmingham Area to be your pergola’s daily challenges. Pergola installation services are available to help you design good pergolas that are perfect for your yard and your design goals.

Traditionally, pergolas are constructed with open roofs. Many reasons contribute to the effectiveness of this design feature. First, pergolas were places where vines grew, so gardeners could easily pick grapes or flowers from within a pergola while standing inside. The second benefit of an open roof is that it provides the best airflow and shade.

While picking your grapes might sound nice, dealing with twigs and leaves all over your pergola floor will not make for a very relaxing sitting area; picking grapes under a pergola is not the best place to do so.


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Picture of a pergola that provides some shading on a home at Birmingham AL

Getting the right advice

A custom-built pergola from Birmingham Decks is the best investment you will ever make on your property! Our team consists of people who care deeply about what they do, so they are committed to ensuring they provide you with services that are to your liking and are optimized for your needs. Birmingham residents can expect us to provide high-quality decking, pergolas, patios, and other home improvements for their homes. We are not going to deceive you into taking advantage of a service that you do not require. We will work with you to assist and advise you on exactly what we need to do for your project, and we will take care of the rest!

An organized team

We will begin installing your pergola immediately if you choose our pergola installation service. We have trained our employees to be courteous and respectful to our clients, as they will be working when they arrive at your property. Every time we undertake projects, we always come armed and ready to take on the job. We always ensure that we bring all the necessary equipment and pergola building materials to make the job a success. Because we value your time, we will take on your job swiftly, efficiently, and with high quality.


Pergola Installation Birmingham AL

No matter for what reason you use a pergola, you will enjoy what it provides to you moreover if it is built with:

  • Rot-resistant wood
  • Metals
  • A stone pillar with the roof of your choice

In traditional pergola designs, perches existed as freestanding structures, however attaching a pergola to your patio allows you to transform it from a hot, dry mess in the middle of the day into a calm, enjoyable space to enjoy some fresh air.

You could even erect a pergola on the property and create a private outdoor dining area where you could invite the whole family to linger as the sunsets. You will not have the heat build up and invade the interior of your home from a sunroom or screened porch.

We can help you orient the construction of your pergola roof to capture as much shade as possible as well as maximize airflow. The pergola kits from some big box stores may come with shade cloth or retractable awnings, but you should consider the high damage winds, direct sunlight, or humidity can cause to any fabric.

Picture of a rustic wooden pergola, picture taken at Birmingham AL.
Picture of a Pergola within a garden that is full of green bushes, picture taken at Birmingham AL.

What to consider when building a pergola

It is essential to hire Birmingham pergola contractors who are exceptionally skilled at what they do. It is often the case that pergolas are built out of unsuitable materials for Birmingham’s weather. It is pretty standard for Birmingham to suffer the following in a given year:

  • Storms that bring thunder and lightning
  • During the winter, temperatures are almost at freezing point
  • The harsh rays of the sun
  • There is a lot of rain that keeps coming down continuously.

Building a quality pergola starts with the selection of suitable materials. No need to worry about whether your pergola is built to last with Birmingham Decks ‘ qualified design consultants.

Is there any difference between a pergola and a patio?
The patio is a part of your garden connected to your house, while a pergola is usually a detached structure. The best of both options are available at Birmingham Decks if you want to have the best of both worlds. In most cases, we can design an open pergola area to merge with a patio. Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space, keep the elements at bay while taking advantage of the heat from the sun, and protect yourself from the elements. You can also check out our Deck installation services!

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